Why is branding so important?

Your company is new and all you want is a logo. That’s branding right?


Having just a logo is not branding. It’s a part of the branding collective of other components that make up branding. Let’s take a closer look at why having just a logo isn’t enough, and why branding your whole company is important.

What is a brand?
A brand is a collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences that someone or a collective of people have said about you, your service or your company.

Now, lets isolate the logo. Start-ups only care about the logo without giving the whole brand a second thought.

What’s a logo?
A symbol to identity the organization.

So why do we think about the logo first, before we think about our company as a whole? This is why branding first is important before thinking about a logo. Or I should say figuring out who you are, why you serve and why it matters should come first before your logo. 

A well developed brand makes it easier for customers to buy into. It shows customer loyalty, and it makes it easier for the brand (your company) to sell and provide more services that will generate revenue. It is this idea that developing a brand, with a little brand discovery and brand strategy, that helps in the development of the brand by understanding some of these key items:

  • Your core positioning statement
  • Your users/customers
  • Your brands attibributes such as tone/voice
  • Why you matter
  • Why you’re unique than your competition.

By implementing discovery and strategy into your brand, you can dive deep into developing a good sense of your needs and goals. How can you compete? How will you know what your brand stands for? How will your customers? If you just develop a logo with little to no info about your brand, it won’t make sense to your target audience. A solid discovery and brand strategy will guide the way to how things will look and feel aesthetically not just for the logo, but a website, collateral, marketing material and your brands vision.

In today’s market, companies must stand for something in order to influence choice with their buyers. The market for design has expanded to online websites that sell you just a logo (and probably copied!) and don’t help you expand into the brand discovery and strategy stage to help your business understand its vision, goals, and pain points.

Every business starts out with great ambition and desire to achieve their goals, help their company grow, and be recognized for what they offer. Proper and effective brand discovery and strategy can yield better results in sales, marketing, products and services and help achieve your companies mission and philosophy.

A brand is more than a logo. A brand is the identity of your service, product and company. While discovery and brand strategy can be a rigorous process in the branding phase, knowing how to establish who you are, who needs to know? how will they find you? and why should they care? These sorts of questions can be handled by incorporating this framework.

By working with me, I can help guide you through the process of making sure your company is properly oriented towards its brand mission, and guide your company to understanding its audience.

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