The Branding Process

Every profession, every service, just about everyone has a process. Building a brand requires more than just a 10-question questionnaire or going on Fiverr to find the cheapest option to give you a copied design (and in most cases, you’re spending more because its not what you expected). It’s important to work with the less risky option, and have someone help you discover why your brand matters, who its for and what’s your purpose. Below is how I break down my process. Your Vision, My Discovery, The Strategy, The Content, and the Final Deliverables.

01. The Vision

You come up with a plan, a vision to discuss the ideas of your new business. At times what’s discussed can become lost in everyones ideas to the point that the vision is unclear. When you need clarity and guidance, this is the part where I help discover and organize everyones ideas and goals for the project. 

02. Discovery

The discovery phase is a brainstorming session where we discuss what your business does, brand messaging, brand attributes, customer profiles and brand priorities.

03. Strategy

The strategy phase involves creating a roadmap that will help organize brand priorities, brand positioning statement, brand slogan, your brands voice and tone, culture, and help shape the reality of your vision. This part helps shape the aesthetics of design and photography. 

04. Design & Photography

The design and photography phase is where you see your brand come to life. You get to see designed mock-ups, the logo design and/or web design, stylescapes and moodboards, and brand photography related to content and marketing, and envision your brand identity system with your very own brand guidelines.

05. Deliverables

The final deliverables may include your brand style guide that touches on the use of your logo, digital marketing, brand photography and web design usage.

What's the next step?

Now that you’ve seen my process, what are my core capabilities? What do I bring to the table to help you?

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