Identity Design & Web Development

Many businesses in todays market are still apprehensive about using social media marketing to gain more customers or sell products by resting on their laurels. Rapid Reach will help push companies into innovative marketing strategies that will help them grow and stay connected with their customers. 

Capabilities Used

Getting Connected.

Rapid Reach Marketing Group is geared towards social media marketing and management for businesses looking to venture into reaching more customers in new and innovative ways. They build a framework to understand the needs of the business, help brands build awareness,  help reach their target market and capturing customer growth.

Building the Brand Message

The positioning statement is a concise description of your target market as well as how you want your target market to perceive your brand. A brand slogan is just a short phrase that a business uses to become memorable in a consumers mind when they think about your brand.

When a brand audit is started, we brainstorm and discuss into finding the brands voice/tone, culture, values and what sets them apart from the competition. This phase helps with building brand messaging, constructing a positioning statement, and a brand slogan.

Positioning Statement

Rapid Reach Marketing Group provides social media marketing and management services to enterprising businesses in a driven environment with a modern voice while helping them innovate and stay connected.

Brand Slogan

Discovering marketing solutions to keep your business connected.

The Identity

First we look into understanding your vision of your brand. Once the brand audit has been completed, we can then use what we have discovered to build the logo pieces together to create your company identity. 

Rapid Reach Marketing Group will dawn a new logo. Appearing in bold blue, the logo is paired with RRMG acronym set in the font face Slate.

Logo Elements

The logo mark and wordmark has a bold blue that conveys the idea of modernism, professionalism and assurance.

The simplicity of this trademark allows it to be successfully used in a variety of materials and forms without losing its integrity.

Online Presence

With a brand audit, we begin to look into the users/customers of the brand. Knowing their needs, goals, and pain points, we help paint a picture of what will be important to the development of the website. 


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