Design Books Club


My own personal project, the Design Books Club was created to help designers find suitable books for inspiration. The books are tailored around self-help, graphic art, business of design, trademarks, typography and manuals. What inspired this project was my own collection of books that have given me so much, that I felt the need to give back to the community. I personally shot my own books in my own home studio, researched the authors (as many as I could find), and allowed myself to share the books through an affiliate (Amazon). I'm excited to continue growing the library and hope that they help and inspire others in their continued path to design.

This project includes:


Discovery & Research

Over the last two years, I've been collecting design books with an emphasis on design, branding and design strategy. Within social media groups there was always a post in regards to book recommendations. I had noticed a trend and started collecting more books related to my interests and to others. Once the idea was sketched out, the wire frame work began to build the website and prepare all the books for a photoshoot to build the content.

Brand & Identity Development

The identity came clear after several sketching rounds of looking for the ideal icon that could encompass the book club. The final sketch shows a book page being flipped, and the text Design Books Club inside the page. 

The brands mission is to become a source of design books hoping to inspire designers find their way in the world of graphic design - mostly catering to identity designers. The books posted are then linked to where they can purchase them.


Product Photography

Once the identity was established, it was time to build the content with a photoshoot. With over 100 books and counting, it took a full week to prepare, shoot, edit and finalize my personal collection. It was amazing being able to look through and find some interesting stories from the brands that were made in these books.


Web Development & Social Media

The website required some planning. A lot of planning. 4 pages of planning. Everything had to be ready for a user experience that required to know how the content was going to achieve relatability to each visitor. What they were going to mainly look for. What interests they were looking for, and if the author was of interest to them with other books. The navigation had to be catered to specific design genres: graphic art, business of design, self help, logos, typography and manuals.


You can see the finished work on the website:

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