Family Matters

With 30 years in the carpentry business, it was time to bring to life all the hard work my father has put into the business for Pedro's Painting.

this project includes


AIGA curatorial team features a small number of projects to appear on the front of their gallery each day. They picked my project which is featured with some of the best work that effectively promotes the AIGA Member Gallery community.

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Pedro's Painting Logo

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This project is pretty special to me. My father has been in the carpentry business for over 30 years. The last time I made him anything remotely close to a logo, it was a clip art for his small business website back in 2000 before I left for service. Here’s the updated logo design with a few stylescapes to invigorate his company, and build on his passion and dedication to his family, his job, and everything he’s been through. This design is for you dad.


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Pedro's Painting
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