Graphic Design Services, Branding, Brand Identity Programs and Trademarks

building the perfect brand recipe for success with creativity and professionalism.

The Process: building on your vision.

01. The Vision

You have a desired result in mind, an expected outcome where you want to take your company. The vision can be clear, but the steps on how to get there can be vague and fuzzy. This is where I can help you achieve the goals with building on your vision with discovery.

02. Discovery

The discovery phase is a brainstorming session where we discuss what your business does, brand attributes, customer profiles and brand priorities.

03. Strategy

The strategy phase involves creating a roadmap that will help you with your positioning statement, slogan, your brands voice and tone, culture, and help shape the reality of your vision.

04. Design

The design phase is where you see you brand come to life. You get to see brand mock-ups, the logo design, stylescapes and moodboards, and envision your brand identity system with your very own brand guidelines.

Feel as if you've been upgraded.

Working with me from day one until the final deliverables, you’ll get access to:

  • 13 years of design knowledge and expertise in branding trends, insights and effective brand strategy.
  • Creative processes. We take a look into developing creative and inspiring moodboards and stylescapes to help build on your vision.
  • In depth style guide which takes a look at your brands positioning statement, slogan, your audience, your voice and tone, the brand culture, typography, brand colors, creative mock-ups, and brand placement.
  • In depth brand audit. We look into a deeper understanding of who you are for, why it matters, and brand priorities.
  • A deeper look into who your customers are. We build on research in a collaborative effort to understand who they are, their pain points, their goals and their buying habits.
  • Creativity is all in-house: Graphic design, branding, identity design programs and trademarks and brand photography.

Core Services & Capabilities

I deliver on quality and value as a graphic designer and brand strategist. Over the last few years I’ve worked with a variety of clients and companies to get everything just right. Let’s connect and get you set up.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Discovery and Research
  • Brand Development
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Style Guide
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Content Marketing Design
  • Brand Photography (Portraits, Groups, Interior, and Product shoots).
  • Colors
  • Product Mock-ups
  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Brand Narrative
  • Brands Message
  • Stationary Design

The Core Values

After 13 years separated from the United States Marine Corps, I continue to use similar values in my design business today. This is my design discipline.

Honor: Never compromising integrity to my design projects, and always show dedication to my client so that they can trust and depend on my responsibility to deliver quality design work.

Commitment: I’ve always carried my spirit of determination to be professional and have pride in my mastery in the art of graphic design, branding and identity design. I look to promote the highest design discipline and dedication to the project with pride, and determination to achieve a standard of excellence.

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