Design Thinking: "What if I don't like the design?"



In this article, I will help quell your fears and doubt by answering the age old question: 

What if I don’t like the design?
— You

The quick answer: I get inspired to design the brand based on the discovery session we have. Additionally, the trademark/website development and design will also be based off your business information, goals and brand requirements made to attract your target audience. 

During this time, a lot has been researched to provide the proper design to be functional, scalable, and timeless (especially if building an identity design program aka logo design).

It's important to note that the design will not have personal preferences attached, but it will resemble your brands attributes (Brand Culture, Brand Voice, Brand Tone, Brand Feeling and Brand Impact).

For you to not like the outcome of the design is unlikely to happen, however, the design isn't made to your personal preference, but tailored to attract and resonate with your target audience.

That's why you hired me.

Now, let me ask you this: Why ask this question?

Is it because you've had a bad experience? Maybe you're not familiar with the design process? Perhaps you aren't sure we are the right fit? or maybe you're not sure what any of this brand stuff is. You just want a logo or a website.

Let me help you understand the process.



I'd like to think of this part as the discovery phase. We get to know more of your business, what you do, what your business does, user profiles, brand priorities and build out your brand attributes.  

Understanding the discovery phase means that you are being heard. Without this phase, you're more than likely going to get a hodge-podge of design ideas, and none of them speak to your brand. 

After figuring out the above, we move on to the next stage.


After the discovery phase, we come to the strategy session where we begin to build a brand roadmap. 

This roadmap centers around your brand attributes by figuring out your brands voice and tone, and building your brands positioning statement. This allows us to help shape the reality of your vision. 

Lets take a look at what it takes when we build a brand strategy roadmap. 


Branding involves design thinking. Now that we have a design brief to develop a proper identity system, we can start the mock-up process. 

A lot of sketching is involved in this process. Concepts go through stages of color palette options, typography choices, scalability (how well can it read from small to large), and finally, is it memorable?

Web design concepts go through a User Experience strategy similar to logo design, and it helps understand the user, setting up wireframes, conceptualizing the layout of the website, and finally developing into a test phase and launch. 

Development & Deliverables

Brand Identity/Trademark (Logo Design) - The final deliverables are all the finished production files, along with whatever else was required for the brand (business card design, brochure design, catalog design, stationary design, etc).

Website - You'll receive your website credentials and anything else that was required for the website (social media management, blog management, brand photography, etc).

These deliverables are just a general idea, and should not be considered final as all deliverable items are discussed during the end of the strategy phase, and that will determine what the brand requires.

Final Thoughts

Delivering an effective brand is never an easy process. My job is to make sure that your branding and identity design is made to attract the right market, while a poorly designed identity system can have negative consequences on your business. 

In the words of Massimo Vignelli, "If you do it right, it will last forever". 

Ready to start your project?