Why Professional Photography Matters in Branding


As we enter into 2018, there are way more DSLR owners than ever before. A lot of amateur photographers become obsessed with shooting everything. The only issue? No direction from the beginning. 

Photography can be an uphill battle for new users in trying to learn their DSLR camera and don't know where to turn when it comes to choosing a specific genre. 

I won't get into all of the different sorts of genre's, but in my professional photography career, I have had the pleasure of being an automotive photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer and product photographer. I've been published in magazines, online publications and blogs, and even created my own self published photography magazine titled: MeatyFlush (forgive me, it was a dark time for me).

How do you consider yourself a professional photographer? 

There are many ways to consider this, but primarily when you begin photographing for commercial purposes for the use of advertising and/or marketing. 

In terms of branding, why is this important? 

The value of brand photography can also be treated as a professional photography session that is designed to create stylized imagery for your website, social media, or print collateral where its used to make a visual representation of your brand.

The goal is to create images that convey a variety of emotions through the lifestyle we dream of. Brand photography is the window where your client gets to see a glimpse of their brand visualized on a variety of applications and products. 

If you are shooting for yourself or for a company, you are continuously building your skills and your portfolio, and you learn to become more in tune with your surroundings, your equipment, and your quality of work that you choose to put out there. You can tell your story! You can set the tone to invoke emotion into a photo or a video and have it resonate with your audience.

Photography can serve a great purpose for an in-house design firm or solopreneur. What you can do is limitless. You can provide:

  • Product Photography (finalized products)
  • Custom mock-up templates (Shooting blank canvases)
  • Stock photos (lifestyle, business, etc).
  • Portraits of staff profiles (or yourself)
  • Videography (capture the life of a designer, vlogging, interviews, etc.)

Photography for branding can be a vital asset that will pay for itself (if used correctly). Styled images for brand photography allow you to control the quality of your work, and the consistency of your brand. It shows professionalism and leaves your clients feeling confident in their investment with your expertise. 

Is gear expensive?

Yes and no. This is really dependant on your budget (Be looking to spend between $450 to $6K for a full system). But keep in mind that some camera systems come with a lens and some don't, so the price may vary. Lenses are also sold separately and can cost a pretty penny (Between $75 to $2k).

You have many to choose from, so any will do. (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji to name a few) 

If you'd like to see what you can do with your camera, and what you can provide to your customers, your firm or yourself, I recommend the following youtube pages:

I know, it's a long list. But these are the channels that will truly help you understand photography, understand marketing, and understand your gear. 

Make your branding stand out, and achieve great results in your marketing and advertising when you can take your photography game to the next level.