Brand Story: Nike/Jumpman Air Jordan III Black Cement 'Air Jordan 3' Retro


The importance of branding is to tell a story. A story that will influence your audience. A story that will relate to your audience. A story that will create new relationships and foster growth. 

What is a brand story? 

A brand story is more than content and a narrative. The brand story goes beyond what you see written on their website, the marketing material, the presentations used to attract new customers or businesses. Your story isn't just what you tell people about you, but what people believe about you based on how you represent your brand to people. The story is just a way to showcase a complete picture or video of facts, feelings or interpretations told by people who have been touched or associated with your brand. 

Everything you do, each element of your business (can be from colors, texture, packaging, social media, pictures), to the people you hire, is part of your brand story. These elements should be able to reflect the truth about your brand back to the people who buy into your brand: your audience. 

With that being said, we get to see the 2018 launch of the Nike/Jumpman commercial featuring the Air Jordan III Retro in Black Cement. See below:

In 1988, His Airness' performance
changed history—and marked the
beginning of an unforgettable legacy.

AJ III 'Black Cement'. See more on Nike

AJ III 'Black Cement'. See more on Nike

The video transcript:

This is the moment. The moment we knew that man could fly. This is when an icon took off, and never came down. And this shoe, it was made by the greatest, for the greatest, and the loudest. Made for the brashest. The boldest. And the brodiest. Yeah, the brodiest. This shoe wasn’t made for a museum. Not for closets. Not for resellers. Not for hype. This shoe was made to be rocked. It was made for those who refused to be average. So, if you think you belong with us, prove it. Yeah, like that.

If you want to build a successful, sustainable business and a brand that will garner loyalty, then you have to start with your story. 

The Jordan line is a great example of this.