Crawlers & Walkers

Logo, Identity System

Crawlers & Walkers is a Baltimore, MD daycare for children. The identity program is based around helping children feel safe and comfortable in the environment. C&W needed a mascot to help with the transition, so Lucy the Lady Bug was introduced.

Lucy the Lady Bug and Daycares all share similar traits when it comes to caring for children. Lucy symbolizes delight, happiness, playful spirits and above all, luck. 

What became known about how children act around a Ladybug is they get curious, and get excited! This is the exact same feeling the daycare wanted to have when children would visit, and see Lucy on the walls as a poster, or on paper as a drawing to color on.

Crawlers and Walkers along with Lucy the Ladybug are extending their invitation to the children to be who they are and explore the world with eagerness and joy. 

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