Crawlers & Walkers Family Childcare

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Crawlers & Walkers Family Childcare is a childcare facility that has been in operation for over 6 years providing a safe and nurturing place for children ages 6-months to 10 years. In doing so, they support families in an effort to reach their children’s goals. 

This Project Includes

Not just any child day care.

The center provides before and after care of children between ages 6 months to 10 years of age. They provide a wide range of programs for early learning and pride themselves on being friendly and inviting to all who attend.

The family and home environment are critical to a young child’s survival and development. However, access to good-quality care and education programmes outside the home are also important in providing children with the basic cognitive and language skills they need to flourish in school.

James J. Heckman, The Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor in Economics
Crawlers and Walkers Logo

The process of creating the logo

At the beginning of the brief, there was discussion about friendly bugs that could relate to the children. The bugs that were chosen was between a caterpillar and a ladybug. After researching the meanings of each, the winner came out to be the ladybug. 

Ladybugs over the centuries have been cherished and believe to bring good luck. The ladybug symbolism also includes love, joy and prosperity.

After picking the winner, a name was also chose. Lucy the Ladybug.

Lucy the Ladybug

Lucy the Ladybug - Her Story

Lucy comes from the garden. She is friendly and loves to relax on small branches and leaves. Sometimes she likes to help to make sure you keep the classroom clean. She wants to make sure you follow the classroom rules. She wants to make you smile by telling jokes and singing. Don’t be shy when you see her. Just say hi, and she will smile and say hi, too.

Crawlers & Walkers Logo

There wasn’t a previous logo, so the challenge was to build on what was already existing (just a very generic Vista Print business card design with a caterpillar, butterfly and a ladybug) and make it stand out. The brands voice was to be kind and inviting, and that’s how Lucy the Ladybug will be perceived by all that enter the center and see her. It was necessary to maintain some balance between Lucy and the typography, which represents chalk written by children. My goal was to preserve the ideals of the brand, and create a refreshing look, while adding a very friendly character.

Crawlers and Walkers Stationary

building out the brand

Anyone in branding will tell you, a logo is only part of the brand experience. Along with the logo, you need to consider some important components. One needs to consider a brand’s messaging, collateral, photography, etc. When a brand is created or is being refreshed, there are a lot of areas that need to be looked into and considered for during the process of making a new impression to your audience and to the public.

building Around Lucy

The brand has a character that needs to be visible to everyone. This is brand recognition at work. Lucy will be used on posters, badges, and even classroom coloring papers! 

The Future for Crawlers & Walkers.

The future looks bright for Crawlers and Walkers as the website is currently in development. It will be able to be informative and fun. Parents will be able to find programs, and resources to help them learn more about early education and its benefits. 

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