I will help you in making the right impression.

The most valuable asset we have is our brand. It's more than just a logo! Your brand is your entire company image. I'll help you identify how to best showcase your business and appeal to your target audience.

Capabilities used:


Creating experiences through learning

I got involved with Crawlers and Walkers from concept to execution with the branding process. The development of the design and concepts shared have created a vision of a brand system that extends to web, social and packaging. 


Looking Established from the start

When designing any brand, I explore the brands attributes needed and the market its suppose to represent. The Crawlers & Walkers logo needed to reflect the look and feel of joy and friendliness. 

The design was inspired by the lady bug who many kids enjoy seeing during the summer.

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Researching, Sketching, Refinement and more Sketching!

With every brand that I am a part of, I want to ensure that the design created helps you stand out.