Armand's Chicago Pizzeria

Armand’s has been a staple pizzeria in the Washington Metropolitan area since 1975. It was one of the very first pizzerias to bring Chicago style deep dish pizza, and have well over 20 toppings on its menu. It’s currently the original franchise in operation serving in Montgomery County Maryland.

The Ellicott City Partnership Fundraiser

In late May 2018, the Maryland area was hit with torrential downpour and heavy storms which effected many communities, especially Historic Old Town Ellicott City. This was the second flooding since 2016, and many families and businesses were effected by the floods. Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria will be holding a fundraiser to help raise funds for families and businesses in need by donating 20% of all of its sales to the Ellicott City Partnership. Food photography and graphics were created to help spread awareness of the fundraiser. The Facebook event page can be seen here.

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