building brands and creating experiences.

Specializing in branding and Identity design systems.

Attract Better Customers.

Creating experiences that are authentic to brands with effective identity design systems.


LopezArts is a creative studio focusing on graphic design and photography services specializing in building effective branding systems and creating an experience that matters by providing a higher standard of branding services, quality design and valued business relationships.

Invest in what matters most. Your brand deserves it.


Tony Lopez
Graphic Designer | Photographer | Brand Strategist

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Your brand is more than a logo.

I specialize in building brands with a strategic approach. I help start-ups and small businesses discover more about who they are, who they represent and why customers want to choose them time and time again. My approach is built on collaboration, commitment and understanding your needs to achieve your ultimate goals.

Boost the value of your brand.

Become recognized for the values your brand stands for. 

Invest in your brand.

Whether your new to branding or you’re rebranding, its an investment over the lifetime of your company. Attract better customers. Command a premium price. Close sales more easily. Reduce marketing costs. Boost the value of your company. 

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